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Laboratory & Workshop
The workshop is intended for art photographers, institutions, professional photographers and beginners who are particularly interested in the development and quality of photographic prints.   The services provided by the workshop combine the specificities of printing techniques dating back to the origins of photography with the precision of contemporary tools:

- Contact print processes: platinum-palladium, argyrotype, cyanotype...
- Black and white Piezography® inkjet prints and large-format colour pigment prints
- Creation of high-definition inkjet negative transparencies
- High-resolution digitization on professional scanners
- Creation of portfolios, mounting, matifying and framing, etc.

Atelier et laboratoire
Laboratory & Workshop
  Platinum-palladium print - Dove Allouche
Pure platinum prints on cotton paper, 120x180cm
Dove Allouche / Peter Freeman, Inc.

Panorama - Pascal Convert

Platinum-palladium print on cotton paper, 160x1600cm, 15 panels measuring 160x106cm (exhibition view)

Pascal Convert / Le Fresnoy - Studio national des arts contemporains (National Studio of Contemporary Arts)
Laurent Lafolie
Careful attention is devoted to the choice of paper, printing processes and the preparation of chemicals, which are the subject of continual research and improvement.   PLATINUM-PALLADIUM PRINTS
In order to offer the highest quality platinum-palladium prints and other contact prints, we recently completely upgraded our laboratory, and as of early 2019, it is equipped with few m² of state of the art space as well as new equipment: a high vacuum pressure UV exposure unit, a Deville tray for very large print sizes, a drying and humidifying room that allows us to treat prints of up to 2.10m long with precision, thanks to its MiniClima humidity regulators.

For image rendering and enhancement, we have recently acquired a new 86” Iiyama screen. This matte-surface screen enables us to simulate prints in real-size, up to 2.00m in length.


We are continually expanding our wide variety of paper types that can be used for all our different printing techniques by importing paper from Japan (washi), South Korea (hanji) and Europe. These papers are made from kozo, mitsumata, gamp, bamboo, cotton, linen fibres, etc. They weigh from 3.6 to 1170g/m².

Tirage platine-palladium pour Hughes Dubois
Platinum-palladium print on 300 g/m² cotton paper, 92x120cm
Hughes Dubois
  Tirage platine-palladium 40x52 cm - Formation professionnelle avec Laurent Millet
Platinum-palladium print on 305 g/m² cotton paper, 40x52cm
Professional training course with Laurent Millet
  Tirage platine-palladium 40x50 cm sur papier pur lin - Pour Eric Dessert
Platinum-palladium print on pure linen paper, 40x50cm
Eric Dessert

Laurent Lafolie

High standards maintained through listening and dialogue.
The singularity of a photographic project and the understanding of an artist’s needs require constant exchanges by way of contemporary communication tools. Combined with our rigorous mastery of printing processes, these exchanges allow us to achieve image renderings that are in accordance with the intentions of the photographer or sponsor, in optimum conditions.

Impressions NB Piezography 100x130 cm pliés - Pour Mustapha Azeroual et M.I.A. Gallery

Folded black and white Piezography® prints, 100x130cm
Mustapha Azeroual / M.I.A. Gallery

Platinum-palladium print - A Viller, Gagosian

Platinum-palladium prints on pure cotton paper, 46x60 cm
André Villers / Gagosian Gallery

Laurent Lafolie - Photography laboratory and imaging workshop

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