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For platinum-palladium printing, ensuring the regularity, quality and longevity of prints is essential.   For platinum-palladium printing, guaranteeing the regularity, quality and longevity of prints by purchasing reliable consumables on the one hand, and using appropriate tools on the other, is essential.

The choice of paper, the preparation of chemicals at the laboratory, the constancy of the paper’s drying and humidification, the precision of the contact between the negative transparency and the paper during UV exposure and the quality of the washing are all factors that contribute to the production of exceptional prints.

Drying chamber
Drying and regulated humidification chamber
  Sink and exposure unit
Sink and vacuum UV exposure unit
Large format light table and workspace
Hahnemühle Platinum Rag paper
Platinum-palladium calibration tests

30x40, 40x50 and 50x70cm water pressure washers

Ferric Oxalate

Production of ferric oxalate, component of the sensitive solution for the platinum-palladium developing-out-process

Platinum-palladium chemicals
MiniClima Constant Humidity Devices
Laurent Lafolie
Large Formats
Our fully-equipped workshop allows us to produce large format contact prints.   The workshop is equipped with an exposure unit and with processing material that allow for the production of contact prints of up to 1.30m in width and 2.10m in length.

Contact between the inkjet negative transparency and the paper is created by the vacuum of the exposure unit. This procedure guarantees an optimal sharpness of the image, regardless the type of paper. The prints are developed in a rocking tray that keeps processing regular and improves the quality of successive washings.
Châssis d’insolation à vide d’air et système d’insolation ultraviolet

Vacuum exposure unit and UV exposure unit

  Bac-évier à bascule Deville 130x210 cm

Deville in-sink tray rocking system, 130x210cm

Sensibilsation d'une feuille de 210cm
Bac grand-format

110x210cm cotton paper sheet sensitized with platinum-palladium

In-sink tray rocking system
Processing of a platinum-palladium print 110x195 cm
Laurent Lafolie
Digital Printing
Likewise, in order to maintain regularity and precision, the outputs of the screens are regularly calibrated and the paper-printer pairing frequently adjusted.   In the same interests of maintaining regularity and precision, the outputs of the 24’, 31’ and 86' Eizo and Iiyama screens are regularly calibrated and the paper-printer pairing frequently adjusted.

An Epson/Piezography® large format printer is specifically dedicated to neutral black and white printing on matte paper types. As well as this, our Canon 12-colour large format printer is suited to printing all types of paper: matte, satin and glossy.
Poste de travail CAO

CAD desktop - Mac Pro, 2'4', 27' and 31' Eizo screens

  Caractérisation papier-imprimante

Paper-printer typification with X-Rite tools

Impresion NB Piezography sur papier kozo 20g

Black and white Piezography® printing on an Epson 44” large format printer

  Impression couleur - Traceur Canon

Colour printing on a Canon 44“ large format  printer - Screen Iiyama 86''

Laurent Lafolie
Once they have been dried and retouched, most platinum-palladium prints have to be pressed and smoothed out. This also applies to certain types of paper used for inkjet prints, especially the finest ones.  

The heated vacuum press allows to press prints of up to 90x120cm in size.

A guillotine cutter equipped with a digital display allows precise and perfect cuts when making portfolios of up to 47x47cm in size and 8cm thick.

Presse à̧ chaud 90x120 cm
Heated vacuum press, 90x120cm
  Massicot electrique pour la réalisation des portfolios
Electric paper cutter for the creation of portfolios
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