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Price list
Piezography printing
Piezography® is a black and white printing technology that uses inks composed of carbon pigments.   The continuous gradation of the large format printer’s inks combined with its high resolution allow the workshop to produce black and white images with an exceptional rendering.
This printer’s range of 7 neutral grey and black inks allows it to make an incremental progress from a very light grey to a mat black. The interlacing of inks allows nuanced flat tints without any fits and starts and an extremely fine reading of the print’s details – even more visible in the highlights and shadows. The longevity of Piezography® prints is optimal and still one of the best in the field of inkjet printing.

Mat, smooth or textured papers, from 28 to 1170g/m2, by Awagami Factory, Hahnemühle, Canson, etc..., formats up to 1.10m large and more the 3m long.

Impression NB Piezography - sur papier Hahnemühle Photo Rag UltraSmooth
Black and white Piezography® printing on Hahnemühle
Photo Rag UltraSmooth paper, 90x110cm
  Impression NB Piezography Pour Atelier Malaxe et Amélie Scotta
Black and white Piezography® printing on Hahnemühle rice paper, 58x80cm
For Atelier Malaxe and Amélie Scotta
  Impression NB Piezography - Pour Sylvie Meunier
Black and white Piezography® printing on Tosa washi paper, 28g
For Sylvie Meunier
Laurent Lafolie
Color inkjet printing
The 12 pigment colors of the Canon large format printer allow a lasting and accurate printing of colors.   Colors prints are made on a Canon IPF8400 44' ́ large format printer composed of twelve 100% pigment inks of which two inks are grey and two are black (mat and glossy). This allows a wide range of colors, subtle gradations and a great resistance to scratches.

Mat, satin, glossy, smooth or textured paper, from 34 g/m2 to 0.8mm in weight,
by Hahnemühle, Canson, Awagami Factory etc... from 1.10m in width to 18m in length

Papier kozo pour l'impression
Printing on 70g Awagami kozo paper, 100x100cm
For Mustapha Azeroual
  Impression 100x100 cm sur papier kozo 70g Awagami Pour Mustapha Azeroual
Printing of a portfolio on Awagami Bamboo paper
For Daniel Challe
Laurent Lafolie
Numerous papers specifically designed for inkjet printing are available at our workshop.
Other papers that were initially made for other usages may also be tested and printed on.

Rouleau de papier Awagami Mitsumata 118 cm 95g pour l’impression
Roll of 118cm 95g Awagami Mitsumata paper for printing

Séparation du papier Awagami Kozo double couche
Separation of the double-layered Awagami Kozo paper

  AWAGAMI FACTORY (Japanese paper)
Bamboo - Weight: 250g/m² - Bamboo fibers - Color: Natural
The Bamboo Awagami paper is made from very supple bamboo fibers that have a silky touch. The printing rendering is characterized by a soft look. The paper’s thickness keeps it flat and gives it a luxurious appearance. The Bamboo Awagami paper is coated on both sides, allowing printing on front and back.

Bizan - Weight: 200 et 300g/m² - Mulberry fibers - Color: Natural
The Bizan paper is entirely handmade, using a traditional process. This deluxe paper is generously thick and its four edges are fringed. Thanks to its rigidity and its characteristics, the images printed on this paper can be exhibited in a box frame or without being framed.

Kozo - Weight: 40, 70 et 170g/m² - Single and double coating - Mulberry fibers - Colors: White and Natural
The Kozo (“mulberry“ in Japanese) paper is made from mulberry fibers from the Tokushima region. It’s renowned for its resistance and longevity. This paper has a supple and solid appearance.

Inbe - Weight: 70, 125 et 160g/m² - Mulberry and hemp fibers - Color: Natural
The Inbe paper is made from a mixture of mulberry and hemp fibers. While this makes the Inbe paper more resistant, it nevertheless remains a fine and soft type of material.

Mitsumata - Weight: 95g/m² - Mitsumata fibers paper pulp - Color: Natural
The Mitsumata fiber made paper is known for its warm tone and for its finesse. This smooth paper has a double coating that can be separated.

Photo Rag Ultra Smooth - Weight: 305g/m² - 100% cotton
A very fine and supple paper. Velvety with a slightly warm tone. Excellent rendering, just like other Hahnemühle papers.

Photo Rag Bright White - Weight: 310g/m² - 100% cotton
Similar to the Ultra Smooth but whiter.

Bamboo - Weight: 290g/m² - 90% bamboo fibers - 10% cotton
Similar to the previous paper, warm tone, strong, velvety, deep.

Rice paper - Weight: 100g/m² - 100% Alpha-Cellulose
Fine laid texture. Excellent rendering of color values for a paper of this weight.

Infinity Baryta Photographique - Weight: 310 g/m²
This paper is designed for optimal longevity and is a real baryta paper developed for inkjet technology.
It’s composed of an acid-free and pure white alpha cellulose base. This paper has the same barium sulphate coating as in traditional analog photography and a microporous coating designed to receive pigment inks.

Infinity Platine Fibre Rag - Weight: 310 g/m²
This mat and textured paper is the digital alternative to a traditional baryta photo paper. It has the look and feel of a baryta paper combined with a pure white obtained without adding optical brighteners.

Superior Mat Card, up to 76,2x101,6 cm - Weight: 850 et 1170 g/m² - Material: N/A
The Epson Super Mat Card is a thick and rigid material (1.3mm), ideal for making presentation panels.


Laurent Lafolie
Mounting, framing and finish
The presentation and the protection of
the prints is an integral part of the
printing process.
  According to the type of paper, prints are pressed and then protected by polypropylene sleeves and/or thick card. Prints can be matted and then framed with a standard or invisible (ClearColor®) glass of up to 80 x 120 cm in size. The workshop equally creates made-to-measure portfolios and artists’ books from numerous papers.

Large format prints are shipped either rolled up or between thick sheets of card. Prints are carefully packaged and are shipped with postage tracking and insurance.

Portfolio 20x20 cm sur papier Awagami bambou 250g
Portfolio on 250g Awagami bamboo, 20x20cm
  Encadrement 60x70 cm bois teinté-ciré noir - Image Hiroshi Sugimoto (tirage hors atelier)
Framing, stained and waxed black wood, 60x70cm
Image by Hiroshi Sugimoto (print not made at workshop)
Laurent Lafolie
Films, sheet films, glass plates and opaque documents are digitized with the Creo IQSmart3 professional scanner.   This scanner has a real optical resolution of 5500 dpi. It produces extremely precise digital files with a perfect tonal reproduction.

Technical specifications of the IQSmart3, equally available for rental:
- Format: up to 305x 457mm
- Optical resolution: 5500dpi / Interpolated resolution: 10000dpi
- Color depth: 48 bits (16 bits per color) – Maximum density: 4.1
- Optional: humid mounting table for improving scratched or damaged films

Numérisation HD sur scanner IQSmart3
High-definition digitization on the IQSmart3 scanner
  Scanners Epson V700 et IQSmart3
Epson V700 and IQSmart3 scanners
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